Typhoon 1 GreenTech Dust Extractor with (15 year Warranty)



Dust Extraction Typhoon 1 GreenTech for nail salons

" Description

• New with GreenTech EC technology up to 30% energy saving 
• Dust separation occurs before the filter with the effect of centrifugal force 
• Cleaning only 3-4 times a month 
• Robust aluminium body white powder-coated 
• Energy-efficient and efficient flat fan from ebm-papst 
• stepless power control 
• Absolutely maintenance-free 
• suitable for working with acrylic and gel 
• reliably removes the fine / filing dust 
• very helpful for allergy sufferers

»Dimensions (in the product images)

• Width: 500 mm 
• Height: 115 mm 
• Depth: 340 mm

We use high quality motors from:


" Technical specifications

Nova Flair - "TAIFUN" The quality brand No. 1 from the market leader!

Our professional Dust Extraction "TAIFUN 1" has again been optimised by a great step forward and is now equipped with energy-saving and efficient GreenTech EC technology. In addition, the "TAIFUN 1" once again achieves a performance increase of almost 20% with up to 30% less energy consumption compared to the predecessor model! 

Thus, the new "TAIFUN 1" now achieves an outstanding suction capacity of 320 m³ / h and a max. Negative pressure of 400 Pa. This model has enormously better performance characteristics compared to its predecessor and is also ideal for working with acrylic.

The professional dust extractor "TAIFUN 1" is one of the most advanced devices for this application in the nail salon.

The great advancement of our ZF technology is that, due to our unique ZF technology, dust separation with the help and effect of centrifugal / centrifugal force takes place before the filter, and cleaning ingeniously requires only 3-4 times a month, even in high volumes is - and the change of the filter medium only about once a year.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I clean the dust extraction?

Use the hand screws (thumbscrews) to loosen the removable front panel and gently pull the activated carbon louvre filter out of the loop slowly. At best use our additionally available dust collection tray. 
The activated carbon lamellar filter should get out depending on the amount about 3-5 times a month and suck through the filter opening the dust extraction from the inside with a conventional vacuum cleaner and a crevice nozzle attachment. Also, carefully clean or vacuum the lamellar filter only on the lower side (not on the clean air side at the top). Do not wet and replace after approx. 1 year.
The change of filters and the frequency of cleaning may vary depending on effort, material, care and customer needs. After cleaning, reinsert the filters and the dust collector and continue working. - Cleaning takes about 5 - 10 minutes. 
Which dust extraction is suitable for me?

Overall, we can not answer this question, an approximate guide will help you in the decision. If you have between 3-4 customers per day, the Taifun I GreenTech is sufficient. From 4-5 customers daily you should choose the dust extractor Typhoon II Premium GreenTech. But if you work with acrylic, for example, we recommend the Taifun II Premium GreenTech, as it is much stronger and even quieter than the Taifun I GreenTech. Both are a good choice. 

Where is the difference between the dust extractors?

The dust extractors both have the same task: to thoroughly and carefully extract fine / filing dust - and they both do! In contrast to the Typhoon I GreenTech, the Typhoon II Premium GreenTech has two engines and two filters and is thus more powerful and smoother and quieter as the power is split between two engines. The cleaning intervals of the Taifun II Premium GreenTech are a bit less common compared to the Taifun I GreenTech because the filter surface is twice as large and can therefore absorb more fine / filing dust.


How often do I have to change my filter?

A filter change should be changed in normal customer traffic of 4-7 customers daily after one year at the latest. For hygienic reasons, we recommend changing already after 9 months.


How often do I have to clean my filter?

The cleaning is very different depending on the customer. With regular customer traffic approx. Once a week. The motors have an automatic fan control, so that with increasing blockage of the filter automatically regulate the power up, so that the volume of the system increases - this is for you the sign: The filter must be cleaned!


What is the synthetic active carbon mat?

The mat is an extra additive for our filter, which absorbs unpleasant and intense odours of acrylic, liquid, adhesives, etc. and gels. If you want to prevent these annoying unpleasant odours, use the extra synthetic charcoal mat - this will absorb most of the odours and is absolutely recommended especially for allergy sufferers.


Are there any discounts on the filters?

We have been working for 10 years to optimise, stabilise and improve our filters. For some time, these are even made of a thicker and reinforced filter material and additionally equipped with a metal frame, so the filters are now much more stable and durable. However, the price has not changed for 10 years and this will not change in the future. Therefore, it is not possible to grant discounts on our filters because the filters have improved dramatically and the price has remained the same.

Does the dust extraction fit in every table?

Basically yes, please note the dimensions in the product description and check them with your nail table. Important: The table top must not be "hollow" inside, otherwise the air will be drawn into the cavity of the table top. We recommend a solid wood panel, otherwise the screws will not hold.

Additional equipment:

Synthetic Activated Carbon Filter Mat - Due to the effectiveness of the activated carbon coating, the filtered air is partially cleaned of solvent odours as well as liquid. This achieves effective and improved odour absorption when working with acrylic (powder-liquid system). Thus well suited for allergy sufferers.

Dust collection tray - This makes cleaning the system from the inside easy and saves a lot of time and effort!