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Nail Pure Plus Cleanser & Dehydrator 946ml ∆

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Size: 946 mL (32 Fl. Oz.)
Services Per Container: 125

 NSI Nailpure Plus is an essential product during natural nail prep for promoting adhesion. Nailpure Plus cleanses and dehydrates the natural nail, use before product application to prevent lifting and improves adhesion. 

  • Leaves antimicrobial agents behind after application to aid in the prevention of infections before and after the service is completed
  • Improves the adhesion of product on the natural nail for any salon service
  • Proper nail prep helps prevent product lifting to keep enhancements strong and beautiful
  • After filing the natural nail, saturate a NSI lint free nail wipes and wipe down the nail to remove dust and dehydrate the nail before product application.

∆ This symbol represents the item is classed as dangerous goods. Due to this, it is only shipped by land, so allow at least two days for delivery.