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Germanikure Tapered Ingrown Toenail Nippers

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This is our finest tipped ingrown toenail nipper for extremely delicate work. The small and tapered jaws can get into tight hard to reach places. Extra grinding operations are used to create the narrow needlepoint jaws. We designed these nippers in collaboration with highly regarded podiatry experts to reach and snip the tiny leftover piece on the toenail that no other nipper can. It makes so much difference to finally get that piece out! Protect fine tips: for very thick toenails we recommend our tower point ingrown toenail nippers p183.

GUARANTEED FOR LIFE – This nipper is made, tested, sharpened by hand and guaranteed to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship.

FREE SHARPENING – Comes with lifetime free sharpening and maintenance at the Solingen factory in Germany.

EXTRA FINE TIPS – This is our finest ingrown toenail nipper for extremely delicate work. Small and tapered jaws can get into the tightest places. These nippers undergo many extra grinding operations in order to create an almost needlepoint jaw.

HAND SHARPENED – No high-speed grinders or mass production lines. Every nipper is precisely sharpened by hand with a file. If you hold the nipper under a light, the hairline gap between blades will be noticeable, with the blade tips touching and the gap getting wider towards the heal. This is a very important feature that allows for gradual, healthy cutting of the nail without crushing and damage to the nail or the nipper. This is only possible with precise hand sharpening.

BOX JOINT – This is the best nipper joint available and considered to be the mark of high craftsmanship (similar to the dovetail joint in fine furniture). Compared to the LAP JOINT, when two nipper halves are overlapping each other and held together by a screw or a rivet, the BOX JOINT is created by interlocking the two nipper halves without any screws or rivets. This provides the most stable and durable joint, eliminating any wobbling or loose connections.

DOUBLE SPRING – This is the best possible solution for heavy-duty nippers. Double spring eliminates friction allowing for a smooth, precisely controllable cut, and easy on your hands.

SURGICAL STEEL – This nipper is made of NOT stainless steel and NOT high Carbone steel BUT high grade High Carbon Stainless Steel. It is very tough, holds the sharpened edge, AND does not rust.

MATTE FINISH – Non-reflective finish not only eliminates glare, but is also less slippery and provides sturdier grip.

FULLY STERILIsABLE – Safe for any type of sterilisation methods.

GENUINE LEATHER – For extra protection we include a pouch made of 100% genuine leather.