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8cm FINOX surgical stainless steel nail clipper

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Like the similarly styled smaller clipper, this GERmanikure finger nail clipper is crafted from FINOX high carbon stainless steel and ergonomically designed to fit your hand with a Swiss rivet and pin construction method that ensures your clippers will keep cutting like new for years. The larger 8cm (3.15 inch) length and widened cutting edge is perfect for larger nails, and the extra leverage helps clip nails that are strong. 
If you have smaller or narrower nails that don’t require as much leverage, look for the smaller version of this GERmanikure clipper. (GMNC2-1) 

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomically designed with a gentle curve, this clipper is shaped to maximize the amount of leverage and reduce the amount of pressure needed to clip a nail. Not only that, when the clipper is open and ready to use, it fits neatly into the natural curve of your thumb and fingertips to reduce strain. The handle and base are tapered slightly near the pivot point to focus and amplify the squeezing pressure where it’s needed most: along the sharp cutting edge. 

Easy to use
A familiar tool for most, this clipper is easy to use and works equally well in either hand. The resulting cut is so smooth and clean, there is virtually no filing or smoothing of the cut nail needed afterward.

High Carbon Stainless Steel
A classic tool meets modern high carbon stainless steel to make this clipper rust proof and almost indestructible. Raw steel is imported in bulk rolls from Sweden specifically for use in GERmanikure's FINOX line; no other steel met GERmanikure’s requirements for consistency, hardness and durability. The formulation for high carbon stainless steel is precisely and carefully controlled to contain just enough iron, cobalt, chromium and other minerals so that it is just as strong as traditional high carbon steel but also is just as care free and rust resistant as common stainless steel. 

Riveted Base
The only part of this clipper that is not hand-crafted in Germany is the Swiss rivet used to secure both jaws together. The classic requirements for durability and precision are so strict; a simple welded bond between each cutting half just wasn’t strong enough, the clipper jaws needed a rivet. The rivet used in each clipper is machined in Switzerland to within a few microns of tolerance and shipped to the factory in Germany where it is inserted completely through the steel of both jaw blades to irrevocably join them in the proper form. When looking for an authentic GERManikure clipper, check to be sure that the “rivet” is not merely a design bump with a weld mark nearby.

Pin and Post Handle
The GERmanikure clipper handle is not merely “hooked” into the clipper post like inexpensive drugstore clippers. The handle is permanently attached to the post with a small watchband-style pin. The pin is curved slightly and then tapped into place in the handle during assembly; the curve of the pin ensures that no wiggle or separation will occur, and prevents the pin from working itself out over time. 

GERmanikure believes in long tool life, healthful living, and good environmental stewardship. Each tool is handcrafted in Solingen, Germany by trained adult artisans in a factory that recycles leftover production waste and filters its wastewater. This item is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.