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11Pc Professional Pedicure Set from Germanikure

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Designed for professionals, students, and enthusiasts, GERmanikure’s roll kits attractively maintain grooming tools in a protective, natural leather case. Each case is created with sleeves in a variety of widths to hold any selection of tools. Start with your favourite pre-made kit and add extra tools as you need them. The versatile sleeve system in every roll makes it easy to add or re-arrange tools at any time.

Included in this set are:

Toenail Clipper 8cm - Regular clippers, made of cheap steel, simply crush nails then fall apart after dulling. GERmanikure clippers are made of imported, surgical-grade steel from Sweden, the hardest steel available. This special steel keeps our clippers sharp for decades. We then secure the base with precisely machined rivets produced by a Swiss watch manufacturer, to ensure the clipper will never fall apart. Our 'pin and post' contraction provides durability and a smooth operation. GERmanikure clippers are a true example of quality German engineering and production.

Ergonomic Cuticle Nipper 9mm - Ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable grip without unnatural bending or twisting of the hand or wrist. The coil spring minimises friction and resistance to produce smooth, effortless squeezing and a precise, controllable cut. These nippers are hand sharpened with a file to create a razor sharp edge.

Crystal glass nail file - This genuine crystal glass nail file is chemically tempered for durability, and the texture is etched directly into the file surface itself so it will never wear off.

Glass manicure stick - Crystal glass manicure stick exfoliates dead cuticle skin gently and safely, without cutting or ripping into living tissue. Living skin is flexible and pliable, so only dead skin cells (flaky or inflexible and hardened) are removed. Living skin flexes out of the way and remains unharmed. Leading nail technicians and nail art celebrities rave about this product, saying that our manicure stick changed their routine completely. It is fast and efficient, leaving absolutely clean nail beds, creating beautiful, natural lines and eliminating the risk of cutting a client or a model, leaving bloody spots. It also effortlessly removes dead skin and calluses in hard to reach areas all around the nail bed.

Tapered Ingrown nail nippers - This is our finest tipped ingrown toenail nipper for extremely delicate work. The small and tapered jaws can get into tight hard to reach places. Extra grinding operations are used to create the narrow needlepoint jaws. We designed these nippers in collaboration with highly regarded podiatry experts to reach and snip the tiny leftover piece on the toenail that no other nipper can.

Straight Blade Pedicure Nippers - These Nippers are a standard heavy duty pedicure nipper with a straight blade that is ideal for use on thick and difficult to cut nails. Extra strong handles, are box joined, and have a locking hasp for safe storage and to prevent damage. Friction free double spring provides a smooth cut without hard squeezing and stress on the hand and wrist. Matte, no-glare, non-reflective finish.

Straight/Curved Double Nail File for Ingrown Toe Nails - The curved ingrown nail file is crafted with filing ridges on both sides to reach narrow crevices. One side is shaped with a gentle curve to aid in filing the under side of the nail and the other side is straight and may also be used as a lifter.

Multifunctional Spatula, Cleaner, Pusher - This multifunctional instrument (spatula – cleaner – pusher) is made from FINOX surgical stainless steel and completely nickel free and anti-allergenic. Pointed side is one to clean under finger or toe nails. The spatula side aids in antiseptic cream application or push cuticle.

Angled Combination Scraper and Cleaner - One side has a professional angled pusher, the other a precise, curve which allows for cleaning under the cuticle but is thin enough to prevent damage to the cuticle. The curve cleans when you pull the tool back, not while you push. Thumb grip on handle and textured for better grip. Matte, no-glare, non-reflective finish.

Double Sided Nail Curette - This double sided implement has one side small enough to fit and clean under a nail and also a scraping tool used for nail fungus treatment.

Oil Pen - Ensure your new set lasts longer than you do with the GERmanikure oil pen. Place a drop of oil into each movable joint, open and close the tool a few times, and use or store the tool as usual. With just those three easy steps, you can protect your tools for life. Long lasting, autoclave permeable, and even edible (though we don’t recommend cooking with it), this oil is our favourite for tool protection.

To get the longest possible life from these tools, we recommend that you lubricate every moving joint regularly (we recommend the GERmanikure lubrication pen or any mineral based oil) and if cleaning is required, use warm water, non abrasive soap and a soft cloth. High heat or chemical bath sterilization may be used if needed; but be sure to thoroughly dry the tools afterward before storage. Store each tool in the soft leather case included. Leather is naturally cushioning and dehumidifying. The case will prevent damage to the tools when they are not in use as well as help wick away any condensation that may accumulate. If necessary, the leather case may be wiped clean with warm water and a soft damp cloth.

GERmanikure believes in long tool life, healthful living, and good environmental stewardship. GERmanikure factories employ adults at a fair wage, recycle leftover production waste, and filter their wastewater. This set is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.