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Polybond Nail Glue 6 Pack


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Polybond Nail Glue 6 Pack

SIZE:7 ML (.23 FL. OZ.)


The NSI Polybond Brush On Adhesive nail glue is an easy to use, fast-drying, brush-on clear adhesive. Polybond is ideal for applying nail tips and nail art add ons because it holds strong and won’t yellow the product or nail tip. 

  • Fast-drying brush on adhesive that is extremely easy to use
  • Brushes on clear, and won’t yellow the product or nail tip
  • Use with any NSI Nail tip for a super strong hold when applying nail tips
  • Great for the application of any added nail art embellishments
  • The container won’t clog or spill, essentially eliminating any product waste
  • Small Brush tip for precise application

Keep Polybond away from sunlight. Store in the fridge if you do not use often.

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