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Polish Pro Laura

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A revolutionary gel nail polish formula that lasts 2-3 times longer than a natural nail manicure, without chipping, smudging or cracking. The next generation of nail polish is light-cured and soaks off in just minutes. Now introducing our newest addition to the Polish Pro Line our new vibrant polish collection – The Bridal Party Collection

My best friends. Where would I be without you? We all met in college, the group of us. Ashley, your kindness and beauty shape the world. Darlene & Denise, double trouble, adding fun to the every day. Katia, the artist, always creating beautiful works of art. Laura, so energetic and full of positivity. And of course, my maid of honor – Isabel, always with your sound advice. My sisters for life. That’s why I ask you,  will you be my Bridal Party? I can’t say I do, without you!