GERmanikure 7 pc FINOX stainless steel manicure set in roll-up leather case


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This complete black GERmanikure manicure set comes with 7 elegant tools in a luxurious and supple leather roll up case that is ideal for either a man or a woman. A perfect blend of traditional hand crafting and modern materials, each steel tool included in this set is handmade in Solingen, Germany, to the highest standards of quality. Tweezers grab stray hairs with ease, trim hangnails with the pointed tip of the included combination scissors, press cuticles back with the included crystal manicure stick, and remove the excess with the finely crafted cuticle nippers. Nails are easily trimmed with either the ambidextrous nissers or combination scissor then polished and sealed with the included crystal glass nail file. This kit comes complete with an oil pen with a vapor permeable and biodegradable lubrication oil that is specially designed to prolong the life of your tools. All manicure needs are covered and there are even three extra slots available if you’d like to add another narrow implement or two. At 25cm x 17cm (approximately 9.75 in x 6.75 in) fully open, this case is well suited as a family set or as a hygienic set to bring to the salon. 

GERmanikure designed their tools and sets with interchangeability in mind. Other sets cannot be customized because their case is designed to hold only the tools included, but a GERmanikure set has sleeves designed to hold a variety of tools interchangeably, safely, and securely. 

NOTE: Color of standard nail file included may vary. 

The tools in this set are crafted of the finest high carbon stainless steel and genuine Czech Republic Bohemian glass. The formulation for High Carbon Stainless Steel is precisely and carefully controlled so that the steel properties are consistent throughout. This steel is just as sharp as traditional high carbon steel and just as rust resistant as stainless steel, but it is much more durable and will never pit, crack, chip, or rust, guaranteed. The crystal glass file is crafted of 3mm thick authentic Bohemian glass which is chemically hardened and tempered to resist breaking. This special glass treatment not only enhances the clarity and sparkle of the glass, but also adds almost 90% more resiliency against breakage. If you drop the nail file off the table or counter by mistake, it will not break. Included in this set are: 

Cuticle Nipper - This cuticle nipper is handcrafted of superior high carbon stainless steel and hand filed to a precision edge. With a crush stopper to prevent over squeezing, a double spring for frictionless movement, and an open joint construction, this nipper blends the best of German engineering with traditional quality craftsmanship to provide a superior cut. 

What makes GERmanikure Cuticle Nippers the best on the market

Combination Scissor - The best of both worlds, a combination scissor does double duty with a wider mid-blade for nails, and a narrow fine pointed tip for cuticles. Ergonomic handles keep your hands stress free, and the open joint ensures easy cleaning.

Tweezers - Hand sharpened slanted tips don’t pinch stray hair off at the root; they really grasp the shaft for easy plucking. 

Crystal Glass Manicure Stick - This crystal glass manicure stick is absolutely amazing. Tempered for durability and sterilisable, this is one tool you’ll wonder how you ever did a manicure without it. Both ends are etched with a gentle texture that will quickly and easily remove cuticle tissue, excess nail polish, hardened skin, or even file away recurrent hangnails in tight areas. The pointed tip fits into small areas for precision filing, and the slanted end doubles as a cuticle pusher and safely removes dead cuticle tissue at the same time. 

Crystal glass nail file - This 3mm thick genuine crystal glass nail file is chemically tempered for durability, and the texture is etched directly into the file surface itself so it will never wear of

Oil Pen - Ensure your new set lasts longer than you do with the GERmanikure oil pen. Place a drop of oil into each movable joint, open and close the tool a few times, and use or store the tool as usual. With just those three easy steps, you can protect your tools for life. Long lasting, autoclave permeable, and even edible (though we don’t recommend cooking with it), this oil is our favourite for tool protection.

GERmanikure believes in long tool life, healthful living, and good environmental stewardship. GERmanikure factories employ adults at a fair wage, recycle leftover production waste, and filter their wastewater. This set is guaranteed free from unethical workmanship such as forced labor or child labor.

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