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946ml Attraction Nail Liquid Monomer

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946ml Attraction Nail Liquid Monomer 
Create natural-looking, thin nail enhancements with exceptional adhesion and unsurpassed strength & flexibility
Draws the powder to the brush for quicker & easier bead pick-up
Non-yellowing formula uses a UV Shield to block out UV exposure to retain colour clarity and keep enhancements looking new
Never crystallises, therefore reducing time even in the most frigid regions
Evaporates slowly, reducing odors for a more pleasant salon & spa environment
Does not contain MMA, which has been restricted for use in the nail industry
High quality, non-yellowing, cross-linking sculpting monomer, delivers exceptional adhesion and unsurpassed strength and flexibility. 
∆ This symbol represents the item is classed as dangerous goods. Due to this, it is only shipped by land, so allow at least two days for delivery.