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Why Choose NSI NZ Education?

Well, look at our reviews!

Read what experiences other students have had with our education courses. Click here!

It's not all about our reviews, let's talk about quality of service and what considerations to make when deciding on which training provider you use. 

Our training program is based around our products and knowledge in the industry. NSI are pioneers in nail technology and have been manufacturing and developing new products for over 50 years, so we are far from new to the industry.

Our certification is recognised around the world, by Nail Technicians and distributors and is reviewed all the time.

Our training manuals and certificates are a standard worldwide with added information for salon safety, compliance and regulations of the respective country they are training in.

In places like the U.K, it is mandatory to have insurance as a Nail Technician. Insurance companies note which systems you are trained in, so if you have an issue with a product you are trained in, you are covered. 

We are a small family business. It is not about how big we can get, it is about quality of learning and for ALL our students to get the best education possible. We have no plans in the future to flood the market with lots of educators. All this does is lose consistency. We feel it is more important to provide the same quality every time, and we want every student to feel that when they train with us.

We will not do online training, this profession is a hands on, dealing with clients face to face.
Watching videos is very helpful but having a tutor in front of you helping you every step of the way is always going to be better.

Let's talk about considerations with deciding which training provider to use.

Cost!, well cheap is not always good just as expensive does not always mean the best. The best way to decide is to ask the right questions. At NSI, we like to be as transparent as possible. What you see is what you get!. We do not have add ons for our courses. If you sit our full course, we have no hidden costs at all. You will receive certification for Gel Polish, Dipping, Hard Gel, Acrylic and once all components have been completed, your Full Nail Technician Certificate.
The cost of the course includes your tuition, manual, kits, portfolio, certificates and full support whenever you need it. No other charges will be made unless work has not been completed on the portfolio.
The same applies to the Acrylic course and the Advanced Gel course. If you sit one of these courses, it you want to continue and add the other course too, this will be both components to achieving your Full Nail Technician Certificate and we will make the price the same as the full course. You will still receive training for all systems.

Although it is not mentioned anywhere, we also teach Rubber Base, BIAB, Basic Nail Art, E-filing and Poly Gel on the Full course. This is something we offer free of charge and we will fit it in whenever there is some spare time to have a play with each product.

We have compiled a few relevant questions you can ask other training providers to help you make an informed decision. We have given our answers in red. We welcome as many questions you have for us too.

Is the company or individual insured? Yes, we are

Do you have dedicated training rooms? We do (maximum of 8 students to ensure quality of learning)

Will you have your own nail technician table to use for the entire course with your own storage for your kits? Yes

Are you being trained in a nail system as well as Nail Technology or just the latter? You will be trained in all our systems as well as nail technology and gain 5 certificates if you complete our full course. Our manuals contain information on application with step by step guides for all our systems.

Where was your educator trained to be an educator? Our educators attend the NSI University in the USA and have to train every two years to hold their certification, they are trained by two NSI global educators. Our standard is not just a New Zealand standard, it is used worldwide but with extra information to fit for the regulations of New Zealand.

Is there a kit provided? Yes, our Full kit is worth over $1,000 + Gst

Do they offer full support after the course has ended? We do

Do they have a dedicated Facebook support page for students? We do

Is the certification recognised out of New Zealand? Ours is

It's all very well getting a nail technician certificate but every system made by all manufacturers have best practices on application and preparation. Every product you use from one manufacturer will be different from another manufacturer in the chemical composition, so each product will perform differently even though it has the same product name.

Also, light cured products have different wavelengths for setting their products and do not work on some other brands as well as the possibility of product breakdown from mixing brands. This is why product knowledge is just as important as Nail Technology.

About NSI
For over 50 years, NSI has been the pioneer in nail technologies, providing professional nail techs products to enhance efficiency and profits of their businesses. Our chemists work closely with highly trained technicians to produce the best and competitively priced products on the market. NSI’s goal is to bring a new level of quality and effectiveness to the nail tech industry.

Full Support whenever you need it.

From day one, our policy is to provide help to all our students, any time they have questions, concerns or any other information they need to be the best Technician.We have a dedicated Facebook NSI student page for all our students, or you are welcome to phone, text or email us too.

Extensive Kits 

All our courses come with a full Professional NSI kits and an LED Lamp with our Full Nail Technician Course & Advanced Gel Course 

Internationally Trained Technicians

Our Educators are sent to NSI University in Philadelphia, USA. 
They are trained by two of the top Nail Technicians/Educators in the world and our standard we teach are what every NSI Nail Technician is taught around the world.

Hello, I am Suzi Mcloughlin, co owner with my husband Lee  and educator for NSI NZ Ltd.
We have owned NSI since 2015 and have worked tirelessly making NSI a trusted name with a great selection of quality products & education. NSI has been in New Zealand since 1993.

I have been a Nail Technician for over 12 years. In 2014, we decided to start up a nail art supplies business which we called Nail Supplies NZ. We ran that for 18 months and in that time built up a strong following and our home based store grew quite a bit in that time.

In December 2015, we had the opportunity to purchase NSI New Zealand. In those days NSI didn't even have an ecommerce store and was very small in comparison to what NSI is today.

We started NSI education in February 2016. Over the last few years, we have trained a lot of students and received a lot of fantastic reviews along the way. 
In this time, we have constantly pushed ourselves to provide a well structured course, teaching the latest products and techniques, using quality products that we are proud to say we own.

For me to become an NSI educator takes a lot of work and commitment to be certified. I have to travel once every two years to the USA, to hold a valid NSI Educator certificate. This allows me to provide the best education possible to you, as I learn new teaching skills, techniques and get to  enhance my product knowledge.

Our goal is for all our students to walk away with the skills and knowledge needed to become an awesome nail technician. 
We get that not everyone gets it straight away. Everyone learns at a different rate to others and some of you respond better to practical as opposed to theoretical learning and vise versa. This is why we set up a dedicated Facebook support page for NSI students only. This way, we can respond to any questions you may have and offer support along the way.

We look forward to meeting you.
Suzi & Lee