2019/2020 Education Calendar

The dates for our Nail Education are as follows:

August 10th-13th & 17th-20th & February 8th-11th & 15th-18th. All these dates are used for the Full Nail Technician Course and we are also running all other courses here apart from the refresher course. Below are the exact dates 
 for each course:


August 2019 Courses (only 2 spaces left!) 
Full Nail Technician Certificate August 10th-13th & 17th-20th
Advanced Gel Certificate August 10th 12th, 13th & 17th
Advanced Acrylic Certificate August 10th ( Half Day) & 18th-20th
Gel Polish Application Certificate August 10th
Simplicite' Dipping Certificate (Half Day)August 10th-11th 

November 2019

If you are interested in enrolling on this month, please let me know by emailing me at nsi@nails.co.nz. If I get more than 4 by 1st October we will confirm a date.

February 2020 Courses
Full Nail Technician Certificate February 8th-11th & 15th-18th
Advanced Gel Certificate February 8th 10th, 11th & 15th
Advanced Acrylic Certificate February 8th ( Half Day) & 16th-18th
Gel Polish Application Certificate February 8th
Simplicite' Dipping Certificate (Half Day) February 8th & 9th

Each day unless stated different is from 9-5pm.

Refresher Course