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Cleanse (Removes Tacky Layer) 946ml ∆

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NSI Cleanse is an essential product for prep and care of gel nail polish services and nail enhancements. Cleanse cleans and removes tacky dispersion layer of all light-cured nail products. A great alternative to standard Isopropyl Alcohol, with a fantastic fragrance!.

    • Removes tacky dispersion layer from Polish Pro Gel Polish, Balance Hard Gels and Secrets Removable Gel enhancements
    • Promotes product adhesion of top coats and finishing enhancements.
    • Won’t Dissolve enhancements
    • Cleanses all acrylic nail surfaces from dust after filing to prep for the use of Glaze ‘N Go or Glaze ’N Go LED or any top coat.
    • After filing and use of Plush Brush, use with a nail wipe to remove any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail
    • It is also used as a slip solution for Polygel/ Polypastes

∆ This symbol represents the item is classed as dangerous goods. Due to this, it is only shipped by land, so allow at least two days for delivery.