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NSI Dual Cure LED Lamp


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Use with any UV or LED curable Product!
The Dual Cure Lamp technology allows the user to choose between a UV or LED cure. The flexibility allows the nail technician to use the UV and LED products they love without purchasing multiple lamps.

The lamp is auto set to 90 seconds for UV products!
Easily cure UV products in a flash with the default 90 second cure time. No need to select a cure time, the lamp will start at 120 seconds when the client places their hand in the lamp.

Superior Photo-Active Technology!
The Dual Cure lamp is specifically engineered to improve the photo active consistency, resulting in a consistent depth of cure and superior photo penetration. This technology is unique!

Designed for the nail tech, inside and out!
The Dual Cure lamp is a lightweight but durable lamp, withstanding over 50,000 salon hours of use. The stylish cube shape is user-friendly and takes up minimal space on a Nail Station.


Fitted with a New Zealand Plug

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